How I tackle the polka dot dress

I thought it fitting to take this weeks photos by the local cathedral as this is where the remembrance service will take place today. Lest we forget those who have gone before us and those who still protect our country. The grounds around the cathedral were stunning and I loved the faded stone arches surrounding the place. The silence cut short by the feisty winds rushing round the sides of the building. It was a struggle to shoot in such windy conditions. There were many gorgeous photos taken with my hair looking like a torpedo. However we fought through so I could show you this gorgeous polka dot dress.

Polka dot dress £32 Asos (Size 8)

There is something so simple and beautiful about a polka dot dress. Such a simple pattern, yet so striking especially the white coming out from the black. I loved the design of this particular piece as it was so different from any other polka dot dress I had seen. It is in the style of a wrap dress which I was uncertain was going to fit me at first due to my body shape, however it fit me like a glove. It flatters my body shape too which made me love the outfit even more.


Crossbody bag £25 Bessie London

I was so lucky to be gifted this gorgeous cross body bag by Bessie London. I have worked with Bessie London before and I can’t get over the quality of their bags. It’s amazing that you can get such a high quality bag for such a low price. This bag is only £25!!! I can’t tell you how much I love this bag. The bag is lined with two sections, it also has a section to hold your cards and will easily fit your phone and purse in.

For more information on the bag please watch my YouTube video here.


Black sock boots £49 Topshop (size 7)

To finally finish off this outfit, I paired the dress with my new black sock boots from Topshop. These boots are an essential for your wardrobe as they honestly go with everything! I had such a dilemma getting them but I’m so happy that I finally got them! (Check out my YouTube vid for the whole story). The court shoe style of the boot added to the classiness and chicness of the outfit and I’m so glad they went so well with the outfit. BONUS! They didn’t hurt at all 🙂


Other Polka dot dresses:



So thank you once again for reading. These gorgeous photos were taken my the fabulous @Jordan_bravery (head of the photography society!) and I’m so pleased with the images!

If you have time, check out my first ever YouTube video here.

See you next time,

Ciao xxx


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