How I tackle my first LFW: SS18

So I probably shouldn’t be writing this hungover from freshers but ngl thi is probs gonna be the common story now. The first week of uni has been amazing so far and I’m so excited for what lies ahead. However before I ventured into this unknown territory, I actually did something completely crazy and I went to LFW for the first time.

OMG it was crazy alright! So the story goes that as a newbie and someone who has no clue about the ins and outs of LFW, I had managed to get myself a press pass for a pretty low key catwalk. I was so so hyped for that. However the catwalk was at 2pm and we arrived there at 10:30am so to pass the time we went on a bit of a walk. We found this gorgeous building in which Fashion Scout was holding a load of catwalk shows (some pretty big names featured). Being the persuasive person that I am, I actually asked if me and my photographer (@gillarphotography) could come and watch the Apu Jan catwalk show and we got let it! Whoop whoop! This show was amazing, I particularly loved his use of hats (they are gonna be big next season).

So then we went outside only to ACCIDENTLY bump into the man giving away invitations to John Herrera. Talk about right place right time! That show was so amazin and so dramatic! Meanwhile I had been messaging one of my favourite fashion bloggers (@thelaurablair) so we could meet up for a shoot. Honestly I was so excited to meet her as I’ve been following her on Instagram and YouTube for over a year! She was just the most amazing person. We had shoots together and then being a totally babe she took us to the Miss Pap gifting event. Here I picked up a few items (they all totally cute, watch this space) and I got talking to even more people including a wonderful model (@Victoria_clay).

We then followed Victoria to the ‘The bloggers programme’ event wear we got free drinks and a shit ton of freebies (including an Aspinals of London cardholder and a Paul Hewitt bracelet!). By this point I was absolutely shattered and just a tad tipsy. So I got on the train home. LFW has to be a one day at a time kinda event.

So what have I learnt? What are my top tips for anyone who wants to go to LFW?

  1. Make time to eat and bring plenty of water! It’s very busy but do this or you will get pissed on the free alcohol.
  2. Try get invites to as many shows as you can but you can get in if you act confident and just ask!
  3. The blogger events are honestly the best part of LFW. I would totally recommend getting invited to some of those or for non-bloggers, go to the after parties!

Also trends for next season: pastel pink, ruffles and funky hats! My prediction anyway.

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed this blog!

Ciao xxx


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  1. September 24, 2017 / 7:26 pm

    It sounds like you had such a good time! I wanted to go to LFE so bad but I was typically unorganised! Hope you’re havinf a good time at uni! X


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