How I tackle the leopard print trousers

ROAR! The sound I make when I enter the club looking like a fierce sassy feline. Never have I ever felt so empowered in my leopard print trousers as I sashay over to the bar. Drinks are on me! Leopard print trousers are a bold statement look. Not only are they so on trend right now but they also look hot hot hot! I’ve seen so many other bloggers and stylists tackling these babies and looking absolutely stunning so I thought I would give it a go myself.

Leopard print is a tricky one to tackle as it can so easily look tacky. That’s why I decided to class my outfit up a little – I paired the trousers with a velvet black crop top since velvet is such a rich material; it wouldn’t make the outfit tacky. Next came the classic strappy black heels as they are a staple and help to draw the attention to the legs and therefore the print. Lastly I paired the outfit with my gorgeous black leather jacket from Hollister as a throw-over. Again, I used the leather as a richer material to make the outfit look more expensive (however, use a more expensive leather as a cheap leather would make the outfit look tacky! Say no to the primark faux leather jackets).


Leopard print trousers £25 PrettyLittleThing, Velvet crop top £5 Forever 21, Black heels £14 Public desire (Similar here)

This outfit isn’t something I would normally consider “my style”, however when I first tried it all on, I was in love! These trousers were a bargain from PLT. Ok, in all fairness, I’m not the biggest fan of the material. Its a cheap crepe but honestly when you’re a student you can’t afford anything better! I got them in a size 8 and, considering I have 6 ft legs, they actually completely cover my legs and in heels they are the perfect length. Therefore, if you don’t have 6ft long legs, I would maybe suggest looking at the petite version as they are already high-waisted trousers too.

Lastly I just want to comment on the shape of the trousers: I’m not normally one for a flared trouser shape but oh yessssss, I love these! They are a perfectly-tailored flared leg and I think they could suit any length/size of leg. Overall, these babies are a winner!


Other leopard print trouser options:



Many thanks as always to my fabulous photographer Harit Gillar (@gillarphotography) who puts up with my awful modelling skills and the days on end he tries to take good photos of me. (I still have a better bum than you though <3)

Thank you all for reading!

Ciao xxx



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