How I tackle the checked dress

It seems crazy but I’m having to start thinking about internships and actual work. What is life? I hate being an adult sometimes! Work, as in not fun work, as in hard, long, emotional, stressful work. I can imagine it being like A Levels, just a load more paperwork. This inevitable downwards slope towards the seemingly hellish reality of adult life can only be brightened up by a sassy outfit. In this case a checked dress will do. Not too fancy or formal but just enough to make it suitable for a casual day at the office. If you can have a casual day at the office that is…

Dress £42 Topshop

This gorgeous A-line pinafore checked dress caught my eye immediately when I first saw it in Topshop. I couldn’t resist buying it. I knew that the prince of wale check was in style but I couldn’t bring myself to follow the trends and get a classic blazer in the print. Being me, I needed something classy but that was also individual. This was the perfect match! The only downside to this checked dress is the zip at the back. It’s a very slippy zip and it wont always stay up so I legit have to safety pin the zip up which is such a bummer and not he sorta quality I was expecting from Topshop. However every outfit will have some malfunction but I’m sure you can still turn heads in this beauty!

Black poloneck top £15

I then paired this dress with a classic black polo neck to make the print really stand out but also to keep me warm! I also paired this checked dress with this gorgeous silver star necklace given to me by my best friend for my birthday. The silver works really well with the colours of the dress and it stands out against the black top.

Black boots £40 ASOS (dupes)

Finally I paired this statement look with some simple black heels. I’ve had these boots for ages now and they are a little bit worn so if I wore this outfit again, I would probably wear my new black sock bots from Topshop to make the outfit look even more classy and sophisticated. This look is a personal favourite of mine. I love the layering affect that looks classy and keeps me warm. This dress can easily be transformed into a spring piece with a pink polo neck underneath instead which is another reason to get it!

Other checked dress options:


So a massive thank you to my fab photographer @jonohmygosh for taking these stunning photos.

Thank you all for your views! See you soon

Ciao xxx


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  1. November 22, 2017 / 6:42 am

    Its hard to find that balance between casuals and formals in the workplace. You seem to have it down! Great post!

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