This is page created to show you all my favourite brands and to even give you some discount codes for them! I’m writing completely honest reviews.
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Prom season is nearly upon us and there is no better time to look for online prom dresses. This company do a range of styles for every type of prom dress and you can even personalise it to your tastes by picking the colour, material and even getting it made to size! Make sure you go check them out!


Energy drinks, Pack of 6, £12
I was so lucky to be given the chance to try Flyte’s energy drinks. Flyte are so different to any other energy drink I’ve ever tasted and tried and I was really surprised at how good the drinks were with no caffeine crash and the effect to keep me working in the gym for hours! I was so lucky to be sent 2 crates of all 4 flavours of the drink; red berries, green mango, citrus lemon and orange clementine (if you can’t tell red berries was my favourite!). I shared a few of the drinks with my flat mates who were equally impressed with the flavour and beautiful sleek packaging. The flavour is somewhat healthy with a hint of flavour which feels very light. This is my new go-to clean energy caffeine drink and I would even say it’s better than coffee!!


 Credit to Rave wonderland

Rosegal Halloween special 

It’s one of my favourite times of year! Halloween! When your sweets mysteriously go missing and you think you can see a ghost out of the corner of your eye. Obviously my favourite part about Halloween is having a legitimate reason for dressing up. Being an adult now, I apparently can’t just rock up to lectures dressed as a crocodile… sad times!

Cobweb dress £11.44

Obviously Halloween outfits take some planning and it’s so hard to find something different every year. This year however, Rosegal have the most fantastic Halloween selection catering for a range of sizes. I particularly loves this gorgeous cobweb dress as it’s so different to anything I’ve ever seen before. The lace styled cape around the dress is a gorgeous finishing touch that makes the outfit complete. Whether you dress this with a broomstick or cat ears, it’s always going to impress!





Dance Your way through fall — Plus size party choices

Let’s be complete honest: No one enjoys returning to work after the lovely summer holidays. But no matter what, the summer is gone and we won’t be able to stop it. What should I do? Remain calm during the whole autumn and wait for Christmas? Seems boring for me. I need to escape. I need to dance until all my pressure disappear.

I found these party dresses from ROSGAL that would help me and probably help you out if you feels the same as me. Let dance our way through this autumn!


Black lace dresses are my personal favorite of the classic dresses. Black is a sexy color, even more sexy when it combines with the lace sheer sleeve. I’m so satisfied they add lots of details on the sleeve.


White is a classy ,clean color. Put different color‘s stripes on it, it becomes fun to wear. Suitable for in or out. A nice choice for dance & party lovers. This adorable dresses only cost $9 at the moment. Get it now.



Elegant style matches it’s color. The flare print is well detailed. Vintage is always charming and attractive. With flower prints, it reaches a new level.

Laces Matched

So you’re out for a run with your new swanky trainers. They are a bold pink with a splash of blue. You paid a lot for these and you already know you will be living in them 24/7. However a few months down the line, your laces snap! Heartbroken you know your days of looking swanky are over. No! Your days aren’t over! Laces Matched can find you a new set of laces perfectly fitted to the brand/colour and style of trainer that they are needed for. They have a fab range of laces starting from as low as £4.99 a set. Check them out here.


The worst feeling in the world is wearing a dress in the AW season and feeling cold. The Goosebumps are a permanent feature on your pasty shaven legs and you brave it just because you want to look smart. One great solution to this problem is wearing a jumpsuit instead. You can be stylish and warm in these sassy numbers as well as being on trend. They are a great alternative for those girls who aren’t the biggest fans of dresses but still want to look feminine.

Maddie mono jumpsuit, £139

My personal favourite jumpsuit has to be this gorgeous jumpsuit from Coast. When I first saw it on one of my favourite fashion bloggers @arabellagolby I was mesmerised. The cut of this jumpsuit is gorgeous and so slick. It is tailored perfectly to your body shape and the colours are bold. I particularly love the detail at the back where the white doesn’t quite meet. Also the flared trouser is very on trend for this season. Unfortunately being a very broke student, I can’t afford this £139 jumpsuit however I would say to those who could afford it, it will be worth the money.

I particularly love coast due to the quality and design of the clothing. Their pieces are so unique and very reasonably priced considering the high quality of the clothing. I actually got my prom dress from Coast and it did not disappoint. Not only did it look fab on but it also maintained its shape and form. For those looking for quality and something that will last you a long time, Coast is the place to shop. I personally recommend looking at trousers and jumpsuits for the new season in order to not freeze yourself to death at formal events. They have a fab range and they are all reasonably priced.



How to dress your man in cocktail attire

It can be difficult to receive an invitation that requires cocktail attire. What is it exactly? What are you supposed to wear?

The truth of the matter is that cocktail attire has become the new popular trend at formal events like weddings. Black tie is seen as too formal and stifling, so many party throwers opt for cocktail attire and hope that their guests will put together something nice and formal without being overtly stuffy.

We’ve come up with a few basic rules that you can follow to have your man transform into the best dressed guy at a cocktail party every single time.

1. Always opt to tailor your suit if you can.

A suit should be well fitted at all times. If too big or too small, it immediately becomes noticeable and will drag the entire look down. You can never go wrong with classic colors, such as navy blue, gray, or black, so try to stick with darker colors as they’re both more fitting and universally look great.

Additionally, you can and should add a pocket square that accentuates your personality. If you’re a little bit quirky, find a pocket square that shows that off. If you’re classic, there are plenty of pocket squares that show that, too. Most importantly, however, is that your suit is a good fit. No accessory in the world can save an ill fitting suit.

2. Keep the shirt simple.

You may be tempted to channel your inner diva and go for a crazy print underneath a classic suit. This is almost always a risk that doesn’t pay off. There is a reason that the white dress shirt is so popular — Because it quite literally goes with everything.

The white dress shirt can either be dressed up or down, depending on the layers that you pair it with, and it is guaranteed to look good. You can button it all the way up and pair it with a tie for a

more traditional look, or leave the top buttons undone and pair it with a vest and jacket for something a little more casual and trendy. We love the custom shirts from Proper Cloth, as they can suit any style.

3. Your shoes and belt should always match.

This is a little trick that some people tend to forget, but it is almost always so noticeable. Never pair black shoes with a brown belt, or brown shoes with a black belt. The eye will immediately become confused and your outfit will look poorly put together.

Additionally, your socks and shoes should always be complementary colors as well. Furthermore, it is important that you go for fit over style. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a pair of uncomfortable shoes — Just ask any woman who has ever spent the entire evening in six inch stilettos. Oxfords for formal events and loafers for less formal events are always safe, classic choices.


What to wear on a first date

First dates can be pretty daunting as first impressions are so important in determining the future of your love life! I believe that if you dress right then you are already at an advantage as they will immediately want to pay attention to you and find out more about you. Therefore I’ve created a little outfit as a suggestion as to what to wear on a first date.
This dress is perfect for making a statement on a first date. The colourful print will immediately get your dates attention and the wrap over effect is perfect for adding a bit of sexiness to the outfit. This gorgeous dress is from Missguided and is currently in the sale! Snap it up quick! Link here.
Paired with these gorgeous nude heels with side cutouts, you will look sophisticated as well as trendy. The colour compliments the dress and the style of shoe should be comfortablele for a first date. These heels are from Kurt Geiger and are also in the sale. Link here.
This gorgeous Dolce and Gabbana bag is on sale! It would be perfect for this outfit as it is a smaller size handbag which can fit your phone, your diary and a top up of makeup in it! Such a handy size! The link to this bag is here.
If you have noticed, all these items are in the sale. The sale is such a great place to shop but sometimes it can be overwhelming and hard to compare across brands. However I found all these items through the site Love the sales which helps me so much when it comes to sale shopping. Honestly will save you so much time which is why I will be using it so much in the future!

Wherewolf app

Have you ever been so sick of shopping because you can’t find that one item that you really needed? Well help is on hand. With this ingenious new app, shopping can now be less hassle. Type in your location and what you’re searching for and it will come up with all the options surrounding you without you having to rummage through every shop. Save these items to your wardrobe for later. You can even receive discounts and offers as part of finding the items through Wherewolf. Save time shopping and get it now!


Summer is fast approaching and now is the time to start buying the extra bits and bobs you need for your holiday. The problem is finding a great store where you can buy fashionable items at low prices. The best place at the moment which has the most up-to-date and trendy items is Stylewe. Stylewe is a great online site that has good quality clothing at very low prices. They have a huge range of clothing from dresses to skirts to jumpsuits all at fantastic prices.


Kimono £75.57

This summer be completely on trend with a beautiful black kimono that with keep you cool in the sun and can be used as a cover up for when you’ve been swimming in the sea or pool. Black is a good colour to go with as it goes with everything so you can wear it with any other colour and not have to worry about clashing.



In the evening, you want something which is elegant but also not too hot. The best outfit for this is a jumpsuit. Stylewe has the most beautiful jumpsuits. They are the perfect mix between elegance and practical eveningwear. I love this jumpsuit as it is fun but also figure hugging. You should check out the sequin jumpsuits too.

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Eden’s Semilla Vitamin E oil
Now when I normally think of oils I think greasy and heavy. I was pleasantly surprised when I began to use the oil as it felt light and not greasy at all. I used the oil for my under eye area and then in a home made hair mask. I was so happy with the results with my hair looking glossy and soft and my face looking less tired. I honestly really love this product and I highly recommend it for people with tired looking skin. Also in comparison to other brands, the price is amazing for the quantity you get. (Price: £12.95 + £3.99 P+P). I honestly love this product and it’s perfect for making homemade face/hair masks as well.
I can’t believe how successful my first giveaway has been. I had over 400 entries through Twitter, Facebook and instagram! Anyways the winners are…..
@atravelicious via twitter and @Jemjem4ever via twitter!
Thanks again for entering and make sure you follow me on twitter for more giveaway!
Competition time!
All you have to do to win these sunglasses is to comment on one of my blogs! It’s that simple to enter! You can also have multiple other entires by checking out my Instagram post at @Theamateursguidetofashion or checking out my Facebook page. Best of luck! Closes September 3rd 6pm



I’m really excited this app as it lets you find any item of clothing from all the high street retailers. It’s basically go compare but for clothes without the weird moustaches! All you have to do is download the app and use the code: EMMAG58M and you get £5 FREE to start off your Mallzee journey!

Coconut lane

I thought you guys would love to have a discount code for this wonderful company which sells modern trendy phone cases and jewellery. I really love their items because they are such a high quality for the price! Please check them out



I recieved this product from Tantastic themselves and omg it works so well! I’m a fake tan virgin but I can tell when it’s orange and when it’s brown. Honestly this has given me a golden bronze glow which has got everyone thinking that I’ve actually tanned for once! Instead of burnt! I’m so impressed with the product. I can’t wait to keep using it and I would highly recommend it to anyone.



If you are a blogger like me then you should head to Styberry to get inspiration for blog posts. They have amazing bloggers posting about a range of topics which have really helped me come up with ideas for my own blog and seen how to make my blog even better! I would recommend having a look at it even if you just want to start up your own blog. It will be worth it trust me!



I was so excited to find this brand. They create personalised phone cases! Not only can you get them in aluminium and carbon, you can also get 18 carat -24 carat gold phone cases! You personalise the colour of the back, the colour and font of the writing and the text on the back. I’m so excited to receive mine and I will show you guys why I love it so much.


Bohemian Footprints

These Beautiful handmade pompom sandals are a must for summer and are perfect for by the beach evening wear or mom jeans. I think they are so different and so cool and will make any summer outfit stand out. Just for you guys I’ve got a 10% OFF code which is JUNE16 .
Find them here:



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