Pastels in Winter

I can’t believe it snowed this week! I also can’t believe that I live in the one place that didn’t get snow which is such a bummer as I was looking forward to being a child for the day and building a snowman, sledging, throwing snowballs at my sister’s face… When the snow comes out we all resort back to our childhood days. Growing up, the fashion rules clearly stated that Pastels are for summer and dark colours are for winter. Rules are meant to be broken of course which is why I decided to tackle one of the most prevalent new winter trends for AW17… Pastels in winter!

Jacket £39 Topshop

This jacket is the first denim jacket I’ve owned! I had been eyeing it up in Topshop for a while but I couldn’t justify spending £69 on a jacket when I had just bought my £69.99 Zara white puffa coat. I was very very tempted but I couldn’t do it. Thank God I didn’t as in the Black friday sales I got it for £39 and it’s still available for that price now!! I think it’s a gorgeous cut and I love the ring zip detailing on the pockets!


Cross body bag £65 Zatchels 

I was incredibly lucky to be gifted this bag from Zatchels and I’ve got to tell you, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever been gifted! I’m actually IN LOVE! Not only is the colour gorgeous and so me, but it’s a perfect size with an interchangeable strap which means it’s perfect for any occasion. I think the thing that really sells it to me however is the fact that my initials are printed inside the bag! I love this sense of personalisation and I would totally recommend this for a Christmas present for family and friends!


Pink polo neck (Similar here), Black bodycon (Similar here)

Obviously an outfit can’t be created without basics that hold the outfit together. This gorgeous pastel pink polo neck was stolen from my mother and I pretty much wear I to death. It’s so warm and fits me perfectly! I wore this tucked into a plain black bodycon. Originally I wanted to wear a PVC skirt with the outfit but I wanted to keep the attention on the pop of pastel colour and the fluff in the coat.


Watch £89.99 Sesky

Is any outfit complete without accessories? I think not! This watch is from Sesky’s winter collection just for this Christmas. I was so lucky to be able to receive one of the watches from the Rock’s collection and I love this watch. I chose this colour because I thought it was very festive and in keeping with Christmas. The strap is beautiful as it is embellished with multiple gems all of a similar colour which sparkle in the light. Sesky are a reliable watch brand and I would totally recommend this watch as a Christmas present for family and friends or something to put on your own Christmas wishlist!


Other ideas for Pastels in winter:

Thank you for @Jordan_bravery for fighting through the freezing morning to get these photos! Such a great photographer to work with!

Thank you all for your support and I hope you liked Pastels in Winter <3

Ciao xxx

P.S This post contains gifted items


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