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Blogging is not a job? – 11/03/2017

Blogging has only really become a profession relatively recently. However many regard us as unskilled and untrained journalists. This image does infuriate me as I work so had to make sure all my photos are clean, my writing is quality and website is still presentable. I plan for blogs weeks in advance and it’s often so hard to juggle this with school work, especially now with exams approaching. If you don’t like the content (that we give you for free btw) then don’t read my blog? Spend that extra £4 on a Vogue to have them thrust advertisements in your face. I wish people could see blogging as a career. It’s very true that many don’t make it however isn’t that the same in any ambitious career? Ultimately I want to start my own clothing line however I’m going to need to fight many battles to get there and even then, I may not even get there. I don’t know where my life is heading or what I’ll end up as but whatever happens, I want to blog my way through it. And if I end up as a professional blogger, don’t you dare look down on me.

Death of the cleavage – 13/11/2016

While the world was going into melt down when the annoying orange was voted president, vogue decided to declare the death of the cleavage. You know when someone try to start a trend and it just goes drastically wrong and they end up looking like an idiot… yeah this is like that. Are you seriously saying that wearing a low cut top is not modest enough for you? Everything is being concealed? I will have you know that you can be modest and show off your assets. To be honest, although of course personality is really important, most people will judge you on your looks. Although this really isn’t the best way to make friends, it still happens. So why not show off what you have but in a sophisticated manner? If we have to ban something we naturally have, we will end up wearing bricks to make our bodies look the same shape. I find it ridiculous that they find it too sexually appealing. If I want to wear a low cut top, I will wear a low cut top. Screw u!

Tbh Vogue have been in trouble recently fir their shocking articles (Of course I got angry after the bloggers article) so I doubt many people will actually take this as advice. In a world where we are trying to accept everyone for their differences, we don’t need set backs like this. We can’t help if we have more bust than you. It’s not my fault your a 40A. Just don’t let silly articles have any impact on your chose of clothing and accept who you are. Wear whatever the hell you want to, because if you think you look fab, that’s all that matters.


Gigi Hadid is too fat (apparently) – 06/11/2016

So, lets just get the facts. During an interview at New York Fashion Week, Tommy claimed that the casting directors said “She doesn’t quite fit because you know she’s not quite as tall as the other girls, she’s not quite as thin”. She was then dressed up in an oversized poncho to look like the other girls. Let’s also get the other facts as she is of a healthy weight, unlike probably the majority of the models, and actually has a personality.
Let me make this clear right now. If she is fat, I am the size of the moon. It is kinda pathetic how even in this time, models still have to be anorexic to fit the catwalk criteria. And I think it’s awful how a classic slim ‘normal’ girl is considered too fat even when she’s skinnier than 99% of the population. Her body is goals. I don’t aspire to look like a catwalk model at all because they look so thin and odd. I would be so so happy if I had her body and for someone to criticise a nearly perfect human just smacks of jealousy. Let’s just remember that these ‘directors’ probably can’t fit a size 16. Everyone should be happy with what shape and size they are and models shouldn’t define the norm. I was really hoping that we were coming to a place in time where it doesn’t matter what size you are labelled as. It’s a lot more about who you actually are that makes a difference in life. Do you think we should be defined by these unrealistic expectations? Comment your opinions and views below. This is all about discussion and nothing will change if we all keep quiet.